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New Page. New Age.
When the company was founded in 1962, we set out on a vision to become the leading statonery company in Asia. Today we are realizing our goal, and our primary focus remains on building our brand and pursuing for quality and service excellence. In 2005, we are proud to unveil the new brand identity of Eagle, opening a new page of development. Through our new product collections and packaging, you will see the new logo which gives you a fresh new look and appeal of the Eagle brand.
Take a fresh new look at Eagle
One special thing about our new logo is the brushstroke which symbolizes the wings of an eagle and adds to its oriental character. The sunlight colours – red and orange of the logo give a fresh new "look and feel", conveying the flying eagle in a dynamically different style. Behind is the boundless energy and forward looking optimism which are integral parts of the brand.

The new logo underscores our brand values as well as our commitment to continuous improvement. It not only modernizes the brand’s previous identity but also makes it more visible to consumers in different markets.
Where ideas take wing
We spread our wings throughout our company's growth. Each new stage, each new step we take, we go from our previous achievements to new accomplishments. That's why our new brand identity also carries with it a tagline – "WHERE IDEAS TAKE WING", which is to express our brand vision not only to our customers, but also within our company. The tagline shows our passion for innovation and creativity, and it's an opportunity to inspire everyone within the company, as well as appeal to our customers.

In our quality journey, we strive for the highest product and service quality not only to meet but exceed our customers' expectation.